HSU Sea Level Rise Initiative Library Database

The HSU Sea Level Rise Initiative has partnered with the HSU Library to create an online database for sea level rise documents through the library’s website. This database can be visited at:


If you would like share a document for consideration for the database, please contact slri@humboldt.edu

Highlighted Reports

Humboldt County Humboldt Bay Area Plan Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment – Aldaron Laird

Completed by Aldaron Laird in 2018 for the Humboldt Bay Area Plan, The Humboldt Bay Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment summarizes sea level rise inundation projections for Humboldt Bay and identifies vulnerable and at-risk assets, including transportation infrastructure, shoreline structures, utilities, and coastal resources.

Exploring Community Knowledge and Perceptions of Flooding and Sea-Level Rise in King Salmon, California – Kristina Kunkel

Kristina Kunkel’s graduate research looked at the extreme risks of relative sea level rise facing the coastal community of King Salmon. This thesis explores the communities’ perceptions of, and vulnerability to flooding and sea level rise, and identifies possible adaptation strategies with the community at the center of the discussion.