This page highlights several ongoing projects relating to sea level rise in the Humboldt Bay region that the HSU Sea Level Rise Initiative is aware of. If you have a project that you would like to have linked to on this page, please email the Initiative at:

Sea Level Rise Initiative Projects

King Tide Photo Initiative – Humboldt Baykeeper, CA King Tides Initiative, City of Arcata, (Ongoing).

Other Regional Projects

Highway 101 Corridor Sea Level Rise Assessment and Adaptation Planning

Caltrans, California Coastal Commission.

HSU Capstone Project to Inform the Creation of an Adaptation Plan:

Humboldt Bay Sea Level Rise Planning Feasibility Study

Humboldt County, California Coastal Commission (2020 – )

Humboldt Bay Symposium

California Sea Grant

Session videos and download links from the 2019 Humboldt Bay Symposium:

Humboldt Bay Trail South Project, Living Shoreline Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategy

Humboldt County, California Department of Transportation.

Humboldt Bay Trail South: Sea-Level Rise Vulnerability and Adaptation Report (June 2018):

Humboldt County Local Coastal Plan Updates

Humboldt County, Ongoing

Humboldt Coastal Resiliency Project

Friends of the Dunes, US Fish and Wildlife Service, State Coastal Conservancy, and the Ocean Protection Council, (2015-2021).

Friends of the Dunes Project Page:

US Fish and Wildlife Service Project Page:

Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan for Eureka Slough Hydrographic Area, Humboldt Bay

Humboldt County, City of Eureka, California Department of Transportation, and Humboldt County Association of Governments, (2019-2020).

Humboldt County Project Workshop Materials (Report Pending):

Sea Level Rise and the Coastal Storm Modeling System for Humboldt Bay and North Coast of California

USGS (2018 – 2022)

Ecosystem and community vulnerability to surface and subsurface flooding and salinity dynamics with sea level rise and adaptation strategies, Humboldt Bay, USGS, University of Wyoming, and EPA (2019-2022).

Other Groups

There are a number of other entities in Humboldt Bay with ongoing projects relating to sea level rise and coastal development. Listed below are the links to their websites where one can find more information about their work.

California Coastal Resiliency Network

California State Coastal Conservancy

Coastal Ecosystems Institute of Northern California

Humboldt Bay Initiative

Humboldt Baykeeper or email to get involved